Wesper, a solution for each market aplication

Wesper offers one of the larger range of solutions to comply with all requirements for any aplication with instalations all around the world :

Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower
Year: 2007
3 VLS and 1204 Air cooled chillers

Museum of Arts of Rabat

Museum of Arts in Rabat
Location: Rabat, Morocco
15 Air handling units Premair,5 chillers, 4 rooftops HAN


Cultural center of Sochi
Location: Sochi, Russia
390 Water terminal units, 65 Air handling units (52 Premair) and 3 chillers

Sheraton hotel in Alger


Sheraton hotel
Replacement of Air handling unit by Premair
Location: Alger, Algeria

Lotos shopping center in Baku


"LOTOS" shopping,
Entertainment and business center,
410 Water terminal units Aquafan, 310 Fan coils VH and 6 Air handling unit Premiair
Location: Baku, Azerbaïdjan

Renault offices in Alger

Renault Offices,
2 Heat pumps, 27 fan coils
Location: Alger, Algeria

Hospital of Braga


Hospital of Braga
Location: Braga, Portugal

3 SLS 8404
100 PR
2000 Fcu


Hopital do Luz
Location: Portugal

Hospital of Khenifra

Hospital of Khenifra
Location: Khenifra, Morocco

Year: 2013
Distributor: ACETI

Air handling units and Water terminal units

Eskidji Bit Pazarı foursquare


Park Vera Shopping Center

Location Ankara, Turkey
Products: EWH


Eskidji Bit Pazarı foursquare
Location:Istanbul, Turkey


Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Products: EWH 


Gas pipeline in Skikda

Gas pipeline
2 Air handling units
Location: Skikda, Algeria

Nuclear power plant of Doel


Kale Pratt & Whitney Factory

Location: Izmir, Turkey



Nuclear power plant of Doel
Location: Doel, Belgium

2 x SLS 2802


Sumqayit Technology Park
Location:Sumqayit, Azerbaijan


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