HP S/HP L 1 to 6 HP LS 400 to 3500


Air handling unit


HP S/HP L 1 to 6 HP LS 400 to 3500

  • Sizes: 6 (HPS/HPL) - 5 (HPLS).
  • Airflow range : from 400 to 5600.
  • Heat recovery system (efficiency from 50 % up to 70 %).

  • Commercial heat recovery ventilator (efficiency from 50% up to 70%),
  • Available in horizontal or verticla configuration, coils in AHU(HPL) or coils in duct(HPS) with extruded aluminium profile structure with rounded corners.
  • Available in four configuration : standard, with electric heater, with post-heating/cooling water coil, or, with direct exansion coil R410A (to be connected to a remote heat pump not supplied by Wesper).
  • Reduced height dimensions allowing an easy installation in false ceiling.
  • G4 filters (EN779) for Return Air, with low pressure drop ; F7 (EN779) for Fresh Air.
  • Plug and play solutions with electrical panel and microprocessor control pre-wired on board""

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