Air handling unit


0303 to 0318
Air handling unit for false ceiling application

  • Sizes: 6
  • Airflow range : from 500 m³/h (1.5 m/s) to 6000 m³/h (3,1 m/s on coil).
  • Self-supporting construction with double skin panels 25 mm thick.
  • Various arrangements possible: single flow in line, double flow in line, side by side, superposed, vertical, and outdoor installation.
  • EN 1886 classification T3 - TB3 - L1 - F9 - D1 (tested by independent TUV laboratory).
  • With 6 models, from 500 to 6000 m³/h.





  • Air handling unit really compact and ultra adaptable designed to cover all market needs with various arrangements possible.
  • Many functions available: Plate heat exchanger, high efficiency motors (IE2 or EC), electrical coils , heating water coils, cooling water coils, direct expansion coils, large choice of filter from G4 to F9, dampers and mixing section 2 or 3 ways, sound attenuators, plates heat exchangers, by-pass, 2-ways mixing section on supply and empty sections.
  • Accessibility by the side with large hinged doors or by the bottom with trapdoors on chassis.
  • Many accessories and options available.

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